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Making the backend part of Drupal a little better with Field Group and Simplify

September 11th, 2015

Much can be said about the administration part of Drupal, and not all is that pleasant. If you want to keep your editor forms as clean as possible the modules Field Group and Simplify can do at lot to improve your editing experience.

Field Group lets you group the different fields together, based on what you choose as a common denominator.

If you've added a lot of fields to your content types, the result could be quite long and tiring, but Field Group helps out with that.

You can also remove the vertical tabs that's on the bottom of the create node/edit node page. Simplify helps out with this, and you can choose if you want to make the settings apply to all of your content types, or if you want to customize the individual content types one by one. 

The module Simplify helps out with this.